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Recent Home Improvement Forum Discussions

Shower door installation
[attachment=0]B74829B3-A332-44B1-9671-700172513388.jpeg[/attachment]I currently working on retiling my shower. I want to install a frameless shower door. Does that type of door need to be mounted to a stud or can it be anchored in tile? There is a ve...

feeder wire with cut neutral
Looking to convert an old feeder wire into a subpanel to avoid digging and running a whole new line. It used to run to a central AC that's no longer active. It's an 8 (or 6) gauge (to be determined) Anyway, whoever installed it cut the neutral down ...

Looking for help with drawing !
Okay so I put down my deposit for the service panel upgrade to 200a service and 42 breaker panel now I need to get this drawing up before the electrician comes to do the upgrade and inspection. Just want to make sure the drawing will get approved so ...

Insulation: what type to use?
My house will built in 1980. I have a basement that is kept warm from the boiler that provides baseboard heat for the first and second floors above the basement. This is not a crawl space. The floor joists between the basement and the first floor ...

Connecting one outlet of exterior split receptacle to interior GFCI
Hello. I am looking at completing my first electrical project and am looking for some feedback or alternate suggestions. What I am proposing may seem odd/more complicated than it needs to be, but I am working with limited electrical knowledge. As wi...

Calculating AWG from stranded gauge - whats wrong with me
Trying to figure out the AWG of a wire with 7 strands. The awg of each strand is 0.046 (in). There are 7 of them. To get them in CMA... CMA = D2 x N in mils thats 1 in = 1000 mils 0.064 = 64 mils 64 x 64 x 7 = 28672

insulating and framing a basement

Extending an stove Wire
Hey Shannon I need to relocate the stove outlet to the other side of the kitchen but the actual wire is too short. So the question I have is - Can I simply extend that gauge of wire as i would a 14/2 which is by properly conjoining it with the s...

Add vapor barrier after 2" rigid foam on walls?
I have just finished installing rigid foam, and going to spray the joist ends to tie to the top of the rigid foam, but my question is, do I need a vapor barrier after the framing? I'd be putting roxul between the studs. Foam is taped top to bottom, a...

I'm in the process of building my cabin I'm going up this weekend to start on the metal roof. I already have all the rafters up and the purlins set in place but not cut to length. I was wondering if I should flush my fascia board with the top of the...

Any suggestions for something I could do to make these obstacles look like they are part of the room? Sorry I don't know why it attached my pics sideways and I'm a total newbie to this forum or any forum for that matter.....

Sealing Seams in OSB Exterior Wall Sheathing
Hi Shannon, Thanks for all the great content you post here and your videos, it's a great resource that's been invaluable for me! I'm building a detached garage that has plumbing (that can be winterized and drained back from the connections in the h...

Auto paint question
Attached is a photo of a spot on my new truck's paint. The guy at the car wash says it is bee poop, which will not wash off. Any ideas on how to get rid of it and, more importantly, how to protect the paint from this sort of problem? (Yeah, I know, t...

Can I drop a wire in a 14/3 and use it as a 14/2?
Half my house is wired with 2x 14/3 wires hooked on a 2p15 (120/240v) breaker, and I'd like to split that up. From what I could tell from the exploration I did in my attic yesterday, one hot goes to lights, the other goes to plugs. What I would like...

2 switches 2 lights
switch 1- 3 12 to ceiling box / 3 12 switch 2 to the same box can the white wire from 2 be the hot to light1 due to wires enclosed in the wall...

Had to rip out shower pan
So I noticed cracking around the drain on a 36x48 dreamline acrylic fibreglass shower pan and it was driving me nuts, that rough in was at roughly 16 off the back wall to drain, and I just ordered a new base from Kohler, a purist edition 36x48 cast ...

Return air vent needs relocated
Hi Shannon and fellas. Im installing a base kitchen cabinet but there's a cold air return vent on the wall where the cabinet is going. My cousin told me to just put a square hole in the floor near the wall that the cabinet will go over then put a reg...

Adding flood lights
I have flood lights on three sides of my home. I'd like to add another set of floods over the driveway. I can trace the wire in the attic from the existing lights. Can I splice a wire run into that light to run the new light?...

Floating wall gap & baseboard install?
Hey Shannon and the gang, I was relooking over things in my basement before I get Sprayfoam and drywall in, and I noticed that when I framed this section of wall the gap is roughly 2 5/8 from the bottom pt plate to the bottom of the wall plate. I p...

Securing a Safe to an Interior Brick Wall
Hi Team, Looking for some guidance from the group on a recent installation project of mine. I installed a medium sized safe to a brick wall in my basement with 2" lug bolts into plugs for brick. Clever and looks great I thought, until upon further th...

Recent Articles

LED Lighting
So as your incandescent bulbs burn out, you are thinking it may be a good time to switch to LED (light emitting diode) bulbs. LEDs have been around for a few years now and we all know basically 3 things about them. They are pricey, they last much longer than incandescent or CFLs and they are more energy efficient...

Types of common roofing materials
Information on the common types of roofing materials (shingles) found in North America

How to fix a leaky crack in your basement or pool
So you have a crack or old snap tie hole in your basement wall that is leaking water, or maybe it is leaking around the conduit coming through the basement wall to the electrical panel, what should you do?

Keeping A Clean, Organized Work Space
Big or small one of the biggest challenges of keeping your reno project on time and budget is having a plan and a organized work space that is safe.

FAQ: Bathtub Answers
FAQ: Flooring Questions & Answers
Shannon answers many of the frequently asked questions...

How To Connect Multiple Light Fixtures To One Switch
I have a video showing how to conect a recessed light (pot light) to a switch but usually most people want more than one light on a switch. So this article will explain the easiest way to connect multiple light fixtures to one switch. But you may want to watch the video as well.

How To Replace a Razor Plug with a GFCI Receptacle
In the bathrooms of many of our homes that are Pre-1980's you will probably have a plugin in the wall with a large front cover and a small single plugin the middle. These where for razors most of them are so large because there is a small transformer behind there that reduces the voltage so it can be used by razors that did not need 120 volts of electricity.

How To Refinish Hardwood Floors
Just about anyone who has older hardwood floors in their home or has discovered they have them under their carpet has thought about refinishing them. It is true you could hire someone to do this task, but if you have ever gotten it priced out you were probably surprised by the cost.

How To Construct an Arched Opening
Many times people will create an opening through a wall between two rooms similar to a large window opening to try to make their home feel more open or bigger. These openings really can make a big difference but adding an extra feature to them like an arched top makes them more appealing to the eye...

How To Install Hardwood Flooring
Installing hardwood flooring can make a dramatic improvement to any room in your home! Installing the hardwood is not that difficult but does require a couple of specialty tools to do the job right. Most importantly you need an air compressor and hose as well as a flooring nailer/stapler.

Dishwasher Buying Guide
So its finally time to replace that old inefficient dishwasher with a new energy efficient model. The choices seem endless when you start to look around. Every manufacturer has many different models and all different price ranges. How do you decide?...

How To Install Bifold Closet Doors
Installing a bifold closet door is a fairly quick and easy DIY project as long as the door opening you are trying to install it into is the correct size and fairly square.Measuring your opening first will help you determine if...

How To Insulate An Attached Garage
Insulating an attached garage has some special considerations that you must address differently then a unattached garage. The most important issue is that attached garages must have a system in place, to keep carbon monoxide (CO2) from a running vehicle inside the garage, from filtering through the walls and ceiling into the house.

How To Install Insulation In Your Walls
To insulate a wall cavity you have pretty much two different ways to do it. You can either have someone spray foam it or you yourself can install batt style insulation. In this article I will explain to you how to install batt insulation or as sometimes referred to as fiberglass insulation.

DIY New Home Construction
So you think you want to take on building your own home as a ! Or at the very least you want to act as your own general contractor and as well do what you are comfortable with tackling yourself. Well this can be a very rewarding but also risky undertaking.

How To Install Poly Vapor Barrier
Installing polyethylene (poly) to the warm side of a exterior wall is very important. This is generally referred to as installing vapour barrier because the main function is to stop the warm moist air in your home from entering the cold interior space inside of your wall cavity. Privacy Policy