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DIY Home Buildling (New Home Construction)

So you think you want to take on building your own home as a ! Or at the very least you want to act as your own general contractor and as well do what you are comfortable with tackling yourself. Well this can be a very rewarding but also risky undertaking. Building a home takes a great wealth of knowledge from many different trades. I'm not saying that you should not consider it but I am saying you better really think about it and make sure you can see this project through to the end. I have compiled what I feel are 10 really important tips to help you figure out if this is for you and to help you through the project.

Tip #1 Stamina

Building your dream home will not happen overnight and will take months to prepare for and complete!

Tip #2 Family

If you are married or have kids how will this new home building project effect everyone around you? This will be a big commitment of time and energy!

Tip #3 Construction  knowledge 

Even if you will be hiring out some or maybe the majority of the work you are still the "General contractor/ Project coordinator" and people will be coming to you to help solve issues that arise. You need to know how things generally work and coincide together and terms used in the trades. Web sites like this one can help you out with those, so spend some time getting familiar with the industry as much as you can before you start. Finding out the local building codes and bylaws in your area can greatly prepare you for what is ahead as well.

Tip #4 Ample and willing crew

Not only are you going to need the help of friends and family at times to complete this project, but you also need to have capable trustworthy trades men who will be available.

Tip #5 Financing

This is still going to cost you a few bucks! You need to make sure you can secure the financing for such an undertaking .Remember the time commitment for this? You may find you need to take a leave of absence from your job just to stay on top of everything.

Tip #6 Budget

You need a budget to get the financing, stick to the budget don't get carried away as the project moves along or you may need to refinance. Try to secure financing for at least 20% more than the budget because extras always arise.

Tip #7 Organization

This will keep the build going smooth and help keep the budget on track.

Tip #8 Style of home and floor plan

You will want this when trying to get your budget because it will determine the size of house and ultimately the cost. It is also vital in completing the job. Without a plan you have no house.

Tip #9 Building lot

Without a lot or location to build on you can not get anywhere. Don't forget to include this in the budget as well as utility costs. You will need to get them to the property and then hooked up to the house as well.

Tip #10 Quality

I realize that somewhere in the budget you will likely need to replace some wanted item or material with a less expensive option to satisfy the budget but choose wisely! You do not want to choose to cut corners and regret it later. Just because that item might be buried in the wall some where and you can't see it does not mean you should chose the cheapest you can find because if in 4 years it fails and you need to tear open a wall to repair it, did you really save any money?

These are just a few of the more important things to consider before you jump in with both feet. There can be a lot of money to save buy being your own general contractor and doing some of the other work yourself, but chose wisely. Knowing what to hire out and what to take on with help from family and friends yourself can make or break a project.