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Bathtub FAQs

We get a lot of bathtub related questions. So here are a list of frequently asked questions and their answers pertaining to bathtubs.

Q: I do not want to replace my tub but I want to change the color what can I do?
A: There are some decent tub refinishing kits out there for the DIYer and also some tub refinishing companies.

Q: Why does my tub make a gurgling sound when I drain it?
A: Your tub may not be vented properly or if it is winter, your vent could be fully or partially blocked with ice.

Q: If my plumbing vent is blocked with ice how do I un block it?
A: Pour some boiling hot water down it from up on the roof. Do this safely!

Q: I am redoing my bathroom, what should I use on the walls in the bathtub area?
A: I recommend using Hardi backer board for at least the first 12" above the tubs top edge, then moisture and mould resistant drywall everywhere else.

Q: I have a cast iron tub and I want to replace it but how do I remove the heavy cast iron one?
A: Cover the old tub with a heavy blanket then hit it with a heavy sledge hammer to break it into more manageable size pieces.

Q: I want to remove my old tub and someone said I will have to remove some drywall from around it to do so, is that true?
A: Yes. The only way to remove most bath tubs is to remove the wall coverings around it because it is installed right back to the framing around it. The exception would be a drop-in style tub that is mounted into a platform .It should lift out.

Q: I want to replace the silicone sealant around the top of my tub, what is the best way to do this?
A: After you have removed all the old silicone, fill the tub with water to about 1" below the overflow cover. This helps settle the tub down to a similar position as if it was half full and someone was in it .Then apply your new silicone seal all the way around and let it sit overnight before draining.

Bath tub questions and answers

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