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Please read carefully!

The forums here are the absolute best place to ask questions about your project. There are multiple people in the forum that should be able to help you out. Electricians, contractors, Shannon, etc.

The space below is not the place to ask your construction / DIY related questions, you will not get a reply!

To post your question in the forum, first go into the most appropriate forum (e.g. Kitchen) and inside every forum you'll see a New Topic button. Click or tap on that to get started. You will need to be registered and signed in to do that.

If you have a construction or DIY type question, the form below is not the place to ask. Please post it in the forums instead.

If you are wondering if Shannon will come to your city/town to work on your project, the answer is no unless you live local to him (which is in southern Saskatchewan, Canada).

The area below is the correct place to get support with your account or business inquiries. Thanks.


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