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by mariasmith54
Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:54 am
Forum: Kitchen
Topic: Flooring
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Re: Flooring

Cabinets first.
by mariasmith54
Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:51 am
Forum: Kitchen
Topic: Sink Replacement
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Re: Sink Replacement

Honestly, I'd go for either exactly the right sink for the hole you have, or go for a slightly bigger sink and enlarge the hole so it fits that bigger sink. I'm not sure if there's an adapter or not (I never heard of it), but if there was it could give you grief down the road because it's moisture ...
by mariasmith54
Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:34 am
Forum: Bathroom
Topic: Moisture Resistant Drywall
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Re: Moisture Resistant Drywall

Yes, the moisture resistant drywall will be good to use.