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Water arrestor

Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:57 pm
by davek
I want to install a dishwasher in my 2 bedroom upstairs apartment. I have to plumb the sink and drain, doing that myself, am wondering, do you think it best to install a water hammer arrestor under the kitchen sink cabinet, the dishwasher is just to the left of the sink? If so where is the best place to install arrestor?
thanks, Dave

Re: Water arrestor

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:41 pm
by Shannon
Hi davek , welcome to the forum!
It would not be a bad Idea to add the arrestor since you will be messing with the water line anyways.The position depends a little on the style of arrestor but generally it would be placed on the water supply side of the valve you will install for the dishwasher in your hot water line under the sink.To make that a little clearer I'm meaning that it would be attached to the suuply line before you install the new valve.The arrestor may come with some instruction as well.Good luck,and come back if you have other questions.