Question on modifying cabinets and granite top

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Question on modifying cabinets and granite top

Post by XFalconx » Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:08 pm


I am looking to see if I can have an built in refrigerator placed into my current opening. The process would involve removing some cabinets and shifting about 3-4 inches. It would also involve replacing 2 cabinets from a 19 inch width to a 13-14 inch width. Would have to replace 1 top cabinet and 1 bottom cabinet I believe I can get the cabinets from a Yorktown dealer. The issue I see is that the granite top would also have to be cut aswell about 3-4 inches. Is this possible? Can a part of the cabinet system be removed under the granite and can the granite be cut while it is in place?


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Re: Question on modifying cabinets and granite top

Post by Shannon » Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:47 pm

I have done it before but be prepared for dust and noise! Using a diamond tipped blade in my angle grinder, shop vac ( to try and collect dust as you cut) and for sure hearing ,lung and eye protection. You will need to have some one work the vac and dribble a little water in the cut . The water helps to cool the blade and keep it cutting well. In my case I did not have to worry about polishing the cut area after as it was completely covered by the fridge afterwards. Take your time and poly off a small area to work in to keep your clean up to a minimum! Good luck
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