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Sink in window bay

Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 1:20 am
by Iziko
Hello, it's nice to be here- it is my first post.

I have removed an old ceramic sink from a window bay, lined the walls with aluminium shower panels (i have never done tiling). The building is over a hundred years old so the walls are not quite straight and the bay is not square.

The bay is 92-93cm wide and I want to put my full size dishwasher underneath the sink. I want to raise the bottom of the sink basin above the dishwasher (yes, the countertop will be quite high but I like the idea and so does my tall husband)

With a 70cm wide stainless steel inset sink it should be a no brainer..

But is it possible to somehow fit an 88cm wide one like this? : ... s89158191/

Thanks in advance for any advice. Many greetings, Iziko

Re: Sink in window bay

Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 8:08 am
by Shannon
Well I would have to say I have never seen a sink placed over the dishwasher and i find it hard to believe it would be comfortable to use at all? The counter top would need to be likely around 122cm (48") high to accommodate the sink and plumbing over the dishwasher.
I would say that this sink will likely just fit, the opening between the walls is not actually as important as the room you have between the cabinets gables under the counter top. It looks like the clips for the sink will just fit as long as the inside of the cabinet is no less than 90cm (35") it will be tight however.