Leaky Bath Tub

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Leaky Bath Tub

Post by chhangur » Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:46 pm


I'm a fairly new home owner and a little stumped on what to do.

Our shower tub is sometimes leaking. First we thought it wasn't a big deal, as we would clean up the water right after showering, But... My wife just noticed bubbled drywall on the ceiling directly underneath the bathroom...

Fortunately that bubbled ceiling is in the garage.

What would be the proper procedure of repair in a worst case scenario?

Could there be damage to the joists? How much and what repair/replacement work may be involved?

I'm assuming...

- Pull baseboards.
- Pull up ceramic tile.
- Inspect Drywall and plywood for water damage.
- Replace as necessary.
- Re-Finish flooring.

I'm sure I'm missing several factors here.

We also cannot determine why the shower tub is leaking... Seems to only happen when I shower. Comes from the top of tub.

Thank you in advance. Your youtube videos have successfully gotten me thru many home projects.

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Re: Leaky Bath Tub

Post by Shannon » Fri Feb 20, 2015 7:28 am

I'm wondering if it is a crack in the tub and maybe you weigh more or stand in a certain spot causing the crack to open more? Or maybe it is a simple as when you shower the curtain is not completely closed? Not sure but you will need to determine this first before starting repairs.
I would cut a hole down below in the garage ceiling to have a look at the structure and maybe get an idea where the water is coming form by looking for water stains on the wood.
As far as what you need to repair ...lets find out what things look like first. Let me know what you find.
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Re: Leaky Bath Tub

Post by engr » Sat Feb 28, 2015 11:15 pm

first thing to check, if the shower spout is leaking at the threaded elbow inside the wall, you will never see it leaking and water will run behind the tiled walls and into what ever is below it. most of the time, it just needs a bit of teflon thread wrap on the thread and reinsert back in snug.

second thing to check is the make sure the drain is snug and, and if bathtub check the overflow drain is snug as well. alot of the time, plumbers putty used to seal around the drain dries out and cracks causing a small leak.. you can unthread the drains, and reseal..

third thing is to make sure when you shower, no water is pooling outside, they tend to run into the baseboards and down onto the ceiling below... I saw water stains on my ceiling directly underneath the bathtub, but found it strange that the stain was in a straight line on the ceiling.. so I caulked up the baseboard, and was careful to let water pool on the tiled bathroom floor, and never had that problem again..

inspect all the corners and edges where caulking should be, make sure there are hairline cracks on joints..

if not, you'll have to do as shannon suggests, cut open a hole and look for where the leak is coming from..

I wouldn't do any repairs until you find your leak...

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