Wiring a bathroom light & fan unit

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Wiring a bathroom light & fan unit

Post by Myrna » Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:26 pm

I have two lines coming from an outlet to power a single pole double switch to power the fan/ light unit. I have connected three white wires to unit's white, black from unit to one of the blacks from the hot wire, blue from unit to remaining power in black wire, and ground wires. Each switch is turning the fan and light at the same time. I had hoped that since I set up two wires each wire would control each function separately.

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Re: Wiring a bathroom light & fan unit

Post by Shannon » Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:58 pm

Welcome "Myrna" thanks for coming over to the forum from the you tube site.
I'm having a little trouble following exactly what you are telling me you have done so I will try to tell you what should be done.

You should have a power feed 14/2 wire coming from the outlet (one black,one white,one ground) to the switch box on the wall.On the switch you should see two black screws and two brass colored screws and maybe a green ground screw. Attach the black hot wire coming from the outlet to one of the black screws on the switch. Tighten the extra black screw up as it will not be needed. Then coming from the fan/light unit you should have either two black wires or one black and one red.One of those will carry power from the switch( when it is on) to the fan and the other will carry power to the light.Attach them individually to the corresponding brass screw on the switches that you wish to operate each one . Then attach all the ground wires to the back wall of the switch electrical box using the screws that are there and add an extra one that can be then attached to the switches ground screw if there is one. Finally at the switch box, pigtail all the white wires together with a marrett (wire nut) and neatly fold them into the box out of the way.
Turn the main power back on and you should have the fan and light operating seperatly from each other at the switches.

I hope this is clear and please remember to turn of the circuit you are working on or the main power.

If you have any other questions please come back.
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