Mold spots on drywall in bathroom

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Mold spots on drywall in bathroom

Post by adamjonesIA » Thu Feb 28, 2013 10:32 pm

Sweet Videos. DIYing has been in full swing with your help. I have come across about 7 mold spots on my bathroom ceiling, none larger than a quarter. In talking with people they say that I can do several things to mitigate this problem. One is complete removal, removal of texturing and repair the spots and retexture after, and lastlly just paint over the spots with the appropriate paint. The bathroom hadn't had proper ventilation until recently so I am guessing this is lingering mold from previous issues. Can you advise what you would suggest that would be fastest and cost effective for a new DIYer. Thanks! Keep posting great vids! They really help. I hung all new drywall and finished it on my own by watching your videos!

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Re: Mold spots on drywall in bathroom

Post by Shannon » Fri Mar 01, 2013 7:47 am

Thanks for watching and learning from our stuff, glad that they are being helpful. As for the mould if it is just on the surface you can scrape off the texture,sand smooth and prime with a primer like "kills". I would never texture a bathroom ceiling , once it is textured it is hard to wash the ceiling. Even with a proper exhaust fan you should still wash the ceiling at least once a year to remove any mildew that is there to help prevent mould growth. So scrape and clean it off , prime with good mould resistant or mould blocking primer and paint with a kitchen and bath type of paint.

If the mould spores seem to be right into the drywall then you may need to actually remove the drywall and replace it.
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