Raised concrete floor

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Raised concrete floor

Post by bjobie » Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:00 pm

Hello Shannon,

I am installing a new bathroom in our basement. I've broken out the concrete and tied into the existing sewer and started plumbing out the new bathroom. I've discovered that no matter how I lay it out, I will end up with my new drain lines above the existing concrete. So I'm considering pouring more concrete to raise the floor up by about 3 inches. I'll still be within code as I understand it (minimum ceiling height is 6'8" for a bathroom under UPC). So my question is how best to incorporate the new bathroom floor which is 3" higher than the rest of the existing basement floor. Specifically the adjacent hallway floor. Raising the rest of the basement by 3 inches isn't really an option since the rest of the floor is all finished.



P.S. You're about due for a new YouTube video, aren't you?

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Re: Raised concrete floor

Post by Shannon » Fri Aug 30, 2013 7:54 am

You are right I should put up a new video,but I have nothing at this time. LOL

Well barry I have seen many basement bathrooms with raised floors. Not the nicest but sometimes its the only option when you need a bathroom.
Your options are basically these: Raise the whole bathroom floor either with concrete or wood, raise only the toilet pedestal area and or shower/tub area. Usually the actual sink drain should not be a problem.
Your last option is installing a sewage injector pump set up. Basically this is a plastic pit installed in the floor where you plumb the shower and toilet to.there is then a grinder pump in the pit that basically works on a float and it grinds up your sewage and then pumps it up out of the pit and into a pipe above the floor that is installed into the main sewer pipe system in your home.
I am not sure of the cost of the sewage injector pump system but it would be the best way to go in my opinion.
Thanks for coming here with your question and good luck with your bathroom project.
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