Need advice with bathtub install

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Need advice with bathtub install

Post by Nilzor » Wed Jul 25, 2018 7:28 am

Hi, I was hoping I can get some help installing a new bathtub. It’s a Maax Corinthia II which i had some trouble with the instructions to begin with as the height measures outlined in the instructions were flat out wrong.

I now managed to get it into the alcove and it is fairly level.

- is it ok that there is a gap between the outer lip and the wall or the wooden 1x3 bracket?

- is it worth using some sort of glue or silicone one the bracket that’s holding it just to keep it extra fixated?



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Re: Need advice with bathtub install

Post by Shannon » Wed Jul 25, 2018 7:46 am

It is very common for there to be a slight gap between the tub flange and the stud at some point ,if you get the tub sitting where you like you then shim between the flange and the stud where there are gaps . If this tub asks for the flange to be secured to the wall studs then you drill through the flange and the shims and insert screws.
I have found that many times the bottom side of the acrylic and fibreglass tub decks are not straight and true and leave a lot to be desired when installing them.It is really tough to get them to sit completely on the wood support all along the length. I'm not sure i would secure the tub right to the support with adhesive but a generous bead on the support covered with a strip of poly may be a good idea? I have never done that but my think is that this way the silicone can conform to the bottom of the tub ledge for greater support and yet not stick to it so removal down the road is easier? This is just a thought ,I have never tried it.
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