new construction fiberglass shower install

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new construction fiberglass shower install

Post by bgraves » Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:45 pm

I have had a plumber install a fiberglass shower in new construction. My plumber has installed into a space where studs are not plumb. Shower drain is in, but shower is not secured to studs yet. Edge of stud is about 1/2 in away from the flange at the top rear of shower, so wondering if the plumber put the drain in wrong place and has just adapted the shower to fit it... I understand that I will need to fill the space between the back of the shower and the studs. Can I secure chipboard between the studs and the back of the shower and then secure the shower to the chipboard at the location of studs? The shower is fiberglass with a seat so there is also empty space under the seat and a 4 inch space between the floor of the shower and the concrete floor. The shower came with one molded leg in the back. Should I provide supports under the shower floor? Also wondering if I should insulate the area that is open under seat with low yield foam insulation?

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Re: new construction fiberglass shower install

Post by A. Spruce » Mon Oct 29, 2018 5:08 pm

The easiest way to see if the wall is framed plumb is to put a level on it or use a string bob and tape measure to check the top and bottom of the wall. If it's out of plumb, then I would suggest cutting long shims from the ceiling to below the lip of the tub flange, this will plumb the wall and allow the drywall to interface with the tub wall correctly.

The exterior wall behind the tub should be completely insulated from top to bottom. There is no reason to fill the tub cavity with insulation. When the tub was place, it should have either come with a large foam block glued to the bottom to support it or it should have been set in a bed of mortar.
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Re: new construction fiberglass shower install

Post by Shannon » Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:30 pm

spruce this is a shower, I think you missed that.

If the wall is indeed out of plumb a lot you can do as Spruce suggested and cut shims to fit each stud and drywall over that . If it’s not out much or the wall is just to far from the drain I would just install 1/2 plywood or plywood strips to the studs and drywall over it. It’s not worth having the plumber redo it if it was a mistake on his part or the framers.

For a shower the leg and any supporting positions built into the shower should have been supported by plumber . Generally the entire floor will not need extra support if it has legs, just support the legs.

Insulation should not be needed around or under the shower. I do do that with bath tubs to help them retain water temp but showers there is no need.
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