tub drain

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tub drain

Post by stephreid » Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:36 am

We purchased this house a couple years ago and the bathroom had been remodeled by the previous owners - great! Only problem is that we can use the shower fine but when we use the tub, it leaks into the basement. The "drip" seems to be Coming from directly below the drain. But only when using the tub for a bath. I've determined that it's not from the overflow. Does have something to do with the water pressure when draining the tub maybe? I'm hoping this is something easily fixed.


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Re: tub drain

Post by Shannon » Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:50 pm

Yes sounds like the drain its self is not sealed properly so when there is standing water in the tube it is leaking around the drain. When showering there is not as much pressure so it does not leak as easily. The drain you see in the tub should unscrew from the plumbing below it. Be careful to not loose the rubber washer that is between the bottom side of the tub hole and the top of the plumbing below. Then use plumbers putty to create a new seal by working it in your hands till it becomes easily pliable then roll some into a snake shape about 1/2" around and 5 inches long . Wrap the snake around the bottom of the drain piece you removed and then re-install it.
I will have a tub installation video coming on my You Tube channel in about two weeks that will show me installing a drain as well and it may help you.
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