Framing for short door under soffit

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Framing for short door under soffit

Post by WillLee » Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:43 pm


I'm finishing up my basement and I'm on the framing stage. I realized that my plan has been to place a door below a return vent duct + some furnace exhaust pvc pipes that are just below the return vent. The space from floor to the pvc pipes is 76 inches. Considering that I will need to build a soffit around the vent/pvc pipes, I can imagine that will leave me with 74 inches of height between the floor and the soffit.

Is this enough space for a door? My plan was to buy a 78 inch pre-hung door frame and chop off the bottom. However, there won't be the standard type of framing for a door (header, double top plate, cripple studs). Am I making a big mistake here or will this work?

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Re: Framing for short door under soffit

Post by Shannon » Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:51 pm

Basement door ways that are not load bearing really don't need a header or even a double top plate. So you could simply have the top plate running over the opening or a top plate with a extra 2x4 on the flat under it in the opening if you need to create a little more drop for whatever you are doing with the ceiling.
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