Framing doors under low ducts

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Framing doors under low ducts

Post by Tacomaking09 » Sat May 04, 2019 5:27 pm

Hello, found the forum through youtube thank you for the help in advance. I am trying to renovate an area in the basement and was wondering if I could use a 1x6 as a top plate for my door walls under duct work instead of 2x4 to provide an area for drywall ceiling to attach to, and to also give me around 1/2" or so of extra play for my door jambs after install. There is an angle section that goes under the duct work so I am wondering the 1x6 would be strong enough to prevent door twisting. Here is a picture of the current 2x4 top plate of door wall that I want to change to 1x6 to maximize door height and ceiling height under the duct. I would also use 1" drywall screws so I don't screw into duct work when doing the drywall. It's a small height so every bit counts. I would like to remove that plate completely but I live in an area that the walls need to float and I feel it would sag if I don't have the plate in. I am trying really hard so the basement door heights match close to the upstairs ones, where the doors from the finished hardwood floor to the bottom of jamb is 78". Right now from the concrete floor to bottom of 2x4 is 78 1/4ish and if I replaced that with the 1x6 I would get 78 3/4" minus say 1" total for the Jamb + wiggle room above it I would be be around 77 3/4" from the concrete to the bottom of the door jamb once installed. Interested to hear your thoughts and advice.
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Re: Framing doors under low ducts

Post by Jmaclicious » Sat May 04, 2019 5:50 pm

that is kind of the same issue i had when doing mine. I never thought about 1x6 though, seems like a pita for an extra 3/4" height lol. I went with a 2x4 plate then just used metal L-angle channels flipped upside down to get the most height out of the ceiling while trimming them within the door area so they don't protrude below the plate. I haven't done the drywall yet but as long as all the door trims line up with each other I will try to be satisfied. I don't think overtime you will notice that little bit of lost space.. after all it is a basement you either sacrifice room dimension to frame in front of the duct work or you sacrifice a bit of height to maximize the living space of the area, I only walk through the doors to sit down :D

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Re: Framing doors under low ducts

Post by A. Spruce » Sat May 04, 2019 9:34 pm

Because there is not bearing load above this wall, yes, you can use a 1x top plate and a second 1x on top of that as your drywall backer. You can get away without the drywall backer if the span from the side of the duct to the wall is less than 12", you would install your ceiling piece first, then the wall portion of drywall will support the ceiling. You will have to take a little more care in taping this joint because the ceiling is "floating", but once taped it will be plenty strong and stable.
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Re: Framing doors under low ducts

Post by Shannon » Sun May 05, 2019 8:25 am

You could change that to 1x6 and use it as the top plate and drywall backer if you want, I'm just not sure its worth the work of taking apart what you all ready built to gain that tiny bit extra height?
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