Insulating joist ends in balloon construction

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Insulating joist ends in balloon construction

Post by johnbednarski » Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:08 am

Hello Shannon. I've watched your YouTube video titled "How To Insulate Joist Ends Using Rigid Foam." It was very helpful. My c1900 home is balloon frame construction. There is blown-in cellulose insulation in the wall spaces and attic. Updated windows and siding. The basement is poured concrete floor in decent condition. Foundation walls are fieldstone base, old limestone mortar with whitewash I believe, and capped with brick at the soil line upwards to the framing, common to older homes in my area of New England. The basement is unfinished. Some of the joist spaces in the basement have what appears to be old and tattered fiberglass insulation stuffed in, but many are open to air.

I think I should consider improving the basement joist insulation but am unsure if your video's methods can be applied to balloon frame construction? I'd appreciate any advice. I can upload a picture or two if that would help. Thank you.

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Re: Insulating joist ends in balloon construction

Post by Shannon » Mon Nov 18, 2019 8:17 pm

Yes a couple pictures may be helpful. SO what is keeping the cellulose in the wall cavities right now from falling into the rim joist area? are the floor boards extended into the stud spaces and holding insulation?
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