Finishing my basement

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Finishing my basement

Post by Sagit » Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:59 am

Hello, just's 2020. Anyway I'm new to DIY, my question is. I have an unfinished basement with 'half insulation' from the ceiling. (Yellow foam with vapour barrier, but does not go all the way down to the floor). So, do I have to remove this and put in the 1-1/2" rigid foam insulation? If yes, my next question is..Do I have to push my 2x4 wood frame directly to the rigid insulation or do I need to provide a space in between my 2x4 frame and the rigid insulation? how much space? Thank you Shannon!

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Re: Finishing my basement

Post by Shannon » Fri Jan 10, 2020 10:50 pm

Egan you say “yellow foam and vapour barrier” I assume you actually mean yellow batt insulation and vapour barrier in a bag kinda thing?

If that’s the case rip that builders stuff off and start over.

I recommend 1” rigid foam directly on the concrete from floor to underside of joist . Then frame a wall in front of the foam. Usually basement concrete is not completely straight or plumb so I lake to start about 1/2” or so out from the foam. Whatever it takes to build a straight plumb wall. All electrical gars done and the insulated and vapour barrier. Make sure to do the run joist areas as well.
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