Metal Roof, how to extend

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Re: Metal Roof, how to extend

Post by Shannon » Wed Sep 04, 2013 4:40 pm

Ok this is what I would do. Figure out your rafters,from that figure out the gable end walls. They will be built to a height equal to the bottom edge of your rafters. Place your first rafter in from the end of the shed at a point that it will be 24" O.C from the outer edge of your new over hang. Cut 2x4 pieces that will fit between the first rafter and back side of the fascia board (22-1/2"). Install those pieces standing on edge so that they are nailed into the first rafter at one end and sit on top of the new gable end wall you have created and then the fascia board is then nailed to them on the outer end. I would space these out at about 24" O.C. (so you will need probably 16 pieces in total for whole shed). So when this is all framed it will create a "ladder" going up the ends of the roof at each corner.

If you just used the laths it would not be vary strong. The way I have described it above is how most homes would be done to create an over hang on the gable end.
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