Roof Top Deck

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Roof Top Deck

Post by tivnanmatt » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:20 am

I watched the "How To Build A Deck" video and it seems like a great small project. In the video, the deck was built over a concrete slab, so one side was supported by the ledger on the house, and one side was supported by a metal bracket bolted to the concrete.

I want to extend this to make a rooftop deck over an urban townhouse like the one shown below, but I want to avoid screwing or bolting directly into the roof. The exterior walls are brick and stucco and the roof is modified bitumen. Do you have any tips on how to secure the deck to the roof? Do I even need to secure it down or is the weight of the deck sufficient?

There will also be a staircase holding the deck in place to some extent to a solid mid-level landing. My best idea right now is a steel bracket to secure the feet of the deck to the exterior walls.


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Re: Roof Top Deck

Post by Shannon » Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:24 pm

Your local codes will verify what you need to do for sure. But I would attach it to the walls if possible and not through the roof membrane. Some places require decks to be secured to avoid uplift like in hurricanes and such. Something else to consider is if the building below can take the weight, my suspicion is that you would be ok if the weight is directed over the walls but again your local codes will specify what you need to do.
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