Advice needed on closing and insulating open foundation

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Advice needed on closing and insulating open foundation

Post by srfnson » Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:02 pm

Hi guys!

I'm in Manitoba and have a 24x40 cabin sitting on a post/slab type foundation that is currently open around the perimeter. I'm on gravely dirt so drainage is excellent and the cabin sits on a slight slope. I use the cabin year round mainly on weekends but do not have running water in the winter. I have a 500galllon water tank under the cabin and a composting toilet. Cabin is off grid so is not heated full time in the winter...only when I'm there.

I'm adding an addition on to the cabin this winter and would like to enclose and insulate the crawlspace and floor under the cabin and addition.

I'd appreciate any advice on what the best method would be to do this and best choice of insulation....

I'm thinking of framing a wall around the perimeter of the cabin out of 2x4s attaching it to the underneath of the header and then covering with plywood sheathing. I thought of using polystyrene foam board on the inside of this wall.

For the floor insulation I'm considering running pex between the joists for a radiant heating system either wood fired or propane (I'm totally off grid but have a large solar system). Pex would be up against the floor boards with foam board over it.

Alternatively I may just use mineral wool insuation between the joints and put plywood over it where I can as I have propane and water pipes that can't be completely covered. Not sure about vapour barriers if they are necessary.

The other option is spray foam but given I need access to piping under the cabin this would be my last choice.

Here's a shot of the cabin...any ideas appreciated


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