Deck framing material

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Deck framing material

Post by johnnyhhenson » Sun Sep 01, 2019 6:11 pm

I'm constructing a deck 20 feet long and 18 feet wide. Was going to use 2x8's on 12 in. centers. Also 2x6's with the radial edge for decking. Should I be using 18 feet long joist lumber or could I use two 2x8x10's or some alternative for each joist ? Beams will be two 2x10's .Where do I place the beams? My house will form two sides of the deck, with the ledger on the side 20 feet long. Thank You for your reply Johnny

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Re: Deck framing material

Post by Shannon » Mon Sep 02, 2019 12:45 pm

Well around here 18' lumber is not available without special ordering and usually larger quantities so that may not be an option for you either.

So you could either down size to 16' wide or use two 10' joists for each length.

If you go with 16' then I would use 2x10s @16" O.C. and I would place my beam so that I had a cantilever of 24". The beam would be 2 ply 2x8 with supports spaced no more then 6' apart

If you lap the 10' joists so you can get 18' wide deck then I would use 2x8 joists @ 16" O.C. and two beams each being double 2x8 with supports no more then 8' apart. one of these beams would be under the lap of the joists and another near the outer end but leaving no more than a 16" cantilever .

There are ways to cheapen the material list if you are using a railing system that is mounted on top of the decking but if you are using wood posts mounted onto the joists or rims then don't use less than 2x8 joist and rims.
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