attaching Ceiling Fan to Ceiling Beam

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attaching Ceiling Fan to Ceiling Beam

Post by sachi1010 » Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:38 pm

Hello Shannon,

I am currently in the electrical wiring stage in my cabin and my question relates to hanging an electrical box to a Glulam Beam.

The beam is made of 2x4's with dimensions of 3-1/2" wide and 16" tall. The beam spans 20'.

I plan to have one ceiling fan mounted to the center of the beam and it will be centered in the room.

Originally, I thought about drilling a hole from the bottom of the beam just large enough for the electrical wire to pass, then the electrical wire could be routed between the rafters to the top of the beam and then be routed through the top of the beam down to the electrical box. Although, by doing this I am concerned about compromising the strength of the beam -- maybe there will be no adverse effect. If the electrical wire can be routed this way, my only concern is the 1/2" overhang of the electrical box on each side of the 3-1/2" beam, in addition to the extra width added by the fan mount itself. This may look kind of tacky, maybe not.

The only other option I could conjure up is to construct some type of framing around the beam to support the electrical box, run the wiring through the rafters and down the side of the beam (inside framed box) to the electrical box. I'm really not sure what a fan attached to a finished box would look like.

This issue really has me puzzled and hope that you have a suggestion to help solve my issue.

Attached is a pic of the beam.

Thanks, Doug
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Re: attaching Ceiling Fan to Ceiling Beam

Post by Shannon » Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:18 am

What you could do is apply a 1x6 (pine,cedar) to the bottom of the beam to give a nice wide surface for the fan octagon box and another couple of 1x6 on the sides as well cut to fit. This will also give that beam a little more heavier look. Drilling a 5/8" hole straight up the centre of the beam will be ok for the running the wire to get it from the fan to the rafter space. You could also cut a shallow channel in the back of the 1x6s to hide the wire but taking straight up the centre of the beam would be my choice.
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