2way removal, 3 way install, question

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2way removal, 3 way install, question

Post by delabeaux » Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:56 am

I have a double-gang box at the bottom of my stairs (then there is a door, then the basement)... one switch is a 3-way that controls the stair light, the other USED to be for the basement lights until we put in a new sub-panel, framing, electrical etc. This switch is from the upstairs panel. The new, inside basement switch is on the downstairs panel and the two switches basement/stair base are no longer on a 3-way connection.

Immediately when you walk in to the basement, there is another switch to turn on the basement lights, a single switch. I want to take this out, put in a 3-way, disconnect the stair base switch (currently unusable), cap it off, and connect the 3 way line and a 3 way switch so we can turn power on-off either at the base of the stairs or when we walk in/out.

As such, I'm thinking I need to dc the power line from the basement switch, connect it to the stair base switch (which will be capped), then my basement switch will have the light line, and connect the two boxes via 14-3.

Can I use a line power detector with the basement switch off to differentiate between the power line and the light line?

Thanks, as always!

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Re: 2way removal, 3 way install, question

Post by Shannon » Mon Jul 28, 2014 8:28 am

You will need to install a 3 way switch at both positions and fish a 14/3 wire from one to the other. And yes at the old basement light switch DC the old wires and cap them off.
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