What are the ways to run wire out of a jbox?

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What are the ways to run wire out of a jbox?

Post by ThatMouse » Tue Jul 02, 2013 8:58 pm

What are the ways to run wire out of a jbox?

I see this in cases like dining room lights where a line comes down a chain. My two scenarios assumes all connections are done inside accessible boxes.

In my garage I'm running 12AWG Romex out from a jbox to florescent lights. I'm thinking of using extension cord wire to do this instead... it just feels like jboxes don't have holes for this type of application. Conduit seems like overkill on the ceiling.

In my kitchen, I'd like to do the same, but for 12v LED lights in crown molding. So in this case, I'll add a jbox, but instead of plugging it in, I'd like to run 120v outside the jbox a few inches to the 120v to 12v transformers. These are small metal boxes that will be mounted just behind the crown molding. I'd like not to have an outlet with extra cables.

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Re: What are the ways to run wire out of a jbox?

Post by Shannon » Wed Jul 03, 2013 12:29 am

For the garage use Bx wire, never use extension cord for this. The Bx wire is protected by a flexible metal sheath. Add a cover over your Jbox that has a hole through it where you can add a clamp to hold the BX snug.

For the kitchen could you place a Jbox in a cabinet with plugs in it ,keep the transformers in the cabinet plugged in and run the wire from them through the back of the cabinet into the wall cavity up the wall and come back out behind the crown ? The transformers should be accessible by code.
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