Installing 2 switches & 1 GFCI outlet same location.

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Installing 2 switches & 1 GFCI outlet same location.

Post by annie » Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:20 pm


Annie - Learning DIYer, From St. Louis metro area, bathroom repair/upgrade. It's important to me that this installation meet code/industry standards and be safe.

The End goal is to have two switches and an outlet with one faceplate in the same "gang" box coming from one power source.

Installing light fixture with a switch for the light located above sink.
- First time install of a ventilation exhaust fan system with its own switch.
- Installing a GFCI power outlet within 36" of the sink.

- two potential sources of power:
- wire, two wires (no ground) that was attached to the former light fixture
(preferred choice).
- wire connected to another outlet in other side of the wall.
- exposed the studs on wall where we'd like to place new wiring/switches, boxes, and to frame in new mirror.
- 20 amp service to wiring described.

1) Is it acceptable to connect the two switches and outlet off the same wire?
2) Is it acceptable to have these two switches and outlet in a 3-gang box?
3) Is it required to have install a junction box for the extending the current wire down to the area where the 'gang' box would be located?
4) What is your recommended method for connecting the three components together inside the same box?

Thanks. annie.

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Re: Installing 2 switches & 1 GFCI outlet same location.

Post by Shannon » Mon Aug 05, 2013 8:01 pm

Welcome Annie!

First of all I see a couple of issues here with what you want to do.
#1- No ground wire is a issue for sure
#2- 20 amp is in most cases more than you should have on these fixtures.
#3 - 2 wires coming from light to where old switch was indicates that fixture was wired with power to it first then to the switch and thats not what you want here in order to protect your circuit by GFCI when so close to the sink.

Here is what I would recommend, but not sure if you can do it.
Bring a whole new circuit right from the breaker box ( in most cases 1-14/2 wire is sufficient ). Use a 15 amp GFCI breaker for this circuit in the breaker box. Run the wire from the breaker box to the 3 gang box you want to power up. I have included a crude illustration of the wiring diagram below.

You will have to also find which wires in the existing light were bringing in power remove them from the light circuit and cap them off with Marrets (wire nuts).This will also allow you to remove the two wires you have coming from the light now.

I have not shown the ground wires in the drawing but they must all be attached in a way that provides continuous ground to all fixtures, plugs , breaker box,3 gang box and fixture boxes.

If you are not comfortable doing this type of work please consult an electrician.
Some codes may be different depending where you are.
2switchs and plug .jpg
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