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LED slim panels, where do you think I should buy it, from Amazon, or a local shop near my house.

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:23 am
by Connie5
Hi Guys,
I am planning to provide evening light to my backyard, I am planning to buy LED slim panel, to serve this purpose. I like the sleekness of the design, and it reminds me of the movie Tron: Legacy. My concern is the reliability of the product, I mean getting exposed to the harsh weather 24*7, will it affect, the performance of the product. I am not looking to buy the product, if it lacks reliability and that is why I have come to you, to get your opinion. Have you guys, tried installing the same in your backyard, how reliable is it. I am also particular that I need clear white light and not the yellow light, especially with kids, I do not want to compromise on their health. Do you guys have any brands that you think is worth the try. I am at the moment looking for options and my budget is $150 max for a piece. I am hoping to buy it from Amazon, but, I am told, the quality of the product is not up to the mark, I clearly do not want that. On my buddy's suggestion, I have short listed a store near my house, but I am still interested in giving Amazon a chance. I mean, I never had a bad experience with Amazon before, all my products, that I bought from Amazon, was satisfactory, and it always did, what it promised. So I want to know, if you guys, had a bad experience with Amazon. How was the quality. "

Re: LED slim panels, where do you think I should buy it, from Amazon, or a local shop near my house.

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 7:06 am
by Aaron
Well the link you supplied above are for interior lights. These get mounted so they are flush with your ceilings. These lights are not rated for exterior use.

Exterior lights have weatherproof housings that resists the elements of the outdoors, and in the case of LED lights, may have more durable electronic drivers that can withstand a greater temperature range.

Amazon is great for many things that may be hard or impossible to find locally, but honestly, for something like lights I actually prefer to shop locally... I like to see what I'm buying, and have the ability to easily return something that doesn't work out. Plus, no shipping fees and you're supporting the local economy. That's my take.

Re: LED slim panels, where do you think I should buy it, from Amazon, or a local shop near my house.

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:28 am
by jeb101
I agree with Aaron on this one. I tried the amazon route, and they looked awesome, and worked great, for like 2 months, then I wasted my money once they started to die, one by one. I'd recommend going to an electrical supplier and look through their catalog. They won't be that much more if more even, than a quality amazon fixture, and they will stand behind their product as they deal with professionals in their day to day.

Buy more save more also, as they normally deal with bulk orders. If you are in Canada, see if you have a Graybar Canada in your area (usually under a franchise name) or in NA, Guillevin Intl. Without contractors pricing you are getting at minimum 10% savings over big box stores, for the step up of what they sell on the shelf.

What you are looking at do not have replaceable bulbs, but the whole housing, so you have to keep that in mind, so reliability is key, as it'll be a PITA to swap out later.

If you get a bunch, and want to keep a similar look, always get 1-2 extra if budget permits, just in case that the warranty replacement is not the same any more. (LED's are very new, and things change all the time, normally it's electronics and not look, but you never know.)