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Post by JasonG » Sun Sep 22, 2019 2:21 pm

I came across a bad ballast in my fixture and I went to local home improvement store to purchase one and didn't find the one exactly like I had in my fixture. My fixture has 5 wires ( red, 2 blue, and black and white) and of course the old ballast has the same five wires. The new ballast that I purchased ,has 8 wires ( 2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow and black and white). Is there anyway I can make this new ballast work in my existing fixture?

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Re: ballast

Post by Aaron » Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:15 am

Honestly ballasts are a real pain to replace, unfortunately. There are a few major manufacturers (GE, Philips, Sylvania, etc.) and dozens of no-name manufacturers (Chinese companies) that produce ballasts. Almost always, the no-name ones are the ones that come with the light initially. So there is no easy cross-reference of model numbers for replacing a bad one with a compatible replacement.

So the way to do it is to determine what bulbs you are powering, and choose a ballast that starts those bulbs. So 4 foot bulbs are 48 inches, 8 foot bulbs are 96 inches. Then you have to know if it's a T5, T8, or T10 style (5/8", 1", or 1 1/4" diameters). Then you have to know the wattage. Then the number of bulbs to power. Make sure the ballast is for 120V, too. All that data is encoded in a compact string of numbers and letters, something like 2xFO32T8.

Confusing? It's a nightmare. Skip it and convert your fixture to LED—it's easier. No more ballasts and just a very simple wiring scheme. If you shop for LED bulbs that work with or without a ballast, you could probably use them with your bad ballast and they will work fine.

Otherwise you could re-wire the light and use non-ballast LED tubes (they are less expensive).

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Re: ballast

Post by emtnut » Mon Sep 23, 2019 7:45 am

I wouldn't want to wire in a different ballast, even if it would work (with some connections wire-nutted off)

As Aaron said, do yourself a favor and return the ballast and get Line Voltage LED tubes ... ditch the ballast altogether, and you'll have a maintenance free light for the next 15-20 yrs !

Just make sure you have the correct tombstones for the LED light you purchase ... they're cheap and worth replacing when you do the install.
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