Thermostat upgrade

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Thermostat upgrade

Post by BikerBandit » Thu Oct 17, 2019 8:32 pm

Hey everyone,

Brand new to the forum, and just bought my first house 2 months ago. I have many many questions but very little time so dont be surprised if I pop in and out randomly, sometimes weeks at a time or more.

Right now I'm wanting to upgrade the thermostat and have some questions about it.

I have a basic thromostate atm and want a programmable one. Nothing super fancy, just something to help me save money and be more accurate as this one does not work too well.

I've attached an image of the internals. Do I need anything specific or am I good to pick up any programmable t-stat? Will the one I saw at Menards (on sale) for $17 work great or should I invest in a better one? All opinions welcome.

I want to modernize this 1957 house so it's far better than before, and eventually be worth more than the 88k I paid for it.
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Re: Thermostat upgrade

Post by Aaron » Thu Oct 17, 2019 9:34 pm

The $17 one from Menards could suit you just fine. You generally pay more for stats that are more customizable or easier to use. The "easy to use" factor is actually pretty important if you have other people that will be using the stat, or if you really want to maximize energy efficiency.

I used to have a fancy-shmancy Honeywell with a touch screen but I think it glitched out on me, so I totally got a $17 one from Menards (Lux), and it works perfectly. It's not programmable but since I work at home I regulate the temperature manually myself with just the up and down buttons.

If you don't get the cheap one at Menards and want to get a super easy to use stat that is energy efficient and regulates your house temperature precisely then I think Ecobee is the way to go. If I ever work away from home again it's probably what I'd go with.

Also the person who connected your existing stat stripped too much insulation off the wires. When you install your new stat, trim them as necessary so there's less chance of the wires shorting.

Congrats on your new house and welcome to the forum.

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Re: Thermostat upgrade

Post by emtnut » Fri Oct 18, 2019 5:25 am

Not familiar with which t-stat you were looking at, but most 'digital' t-stats have programs in them to raise/lower settings on a schedule.

Not sure about the ecobee Aaron mentioned, but if that one needs a 'common' wire, you would need to run a new t-stat cable up the wall. Maybe Aaron will confirm.

For the generic programmable ones, your good to go. Make sure to mark which terminals each color wire is on before you replace it. Helps with troubleshooting in case there are any issues.
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