Clear roof vents

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Clear roof vents

Post by MarkM » Wed Sep 05, 2018 4:05 pm

I was wondering if you guys know of a decent way for a guy to clear plumbing vents. I have full reason to believe I have one or two that are clogged, as some plumbing fixtures in the house have slow drains, with a "suction" sound as they begin to clear. Toilet often clogs and gurgles.

I have thought of taking a hose on the roof, and trying to fish it into the vent, and flush them with the weight of the water, but I didnt know if that was s good idea or not. I have also thought of putting drano or like product down there. Again, dont know if it's a good idea or not.

I have also taken my drain snake up, but cant seem to get much for debris coming out.

I do not have ready access to a large endoscope to look what's going on. And purchasing one is definitely not going to be in the budget.

What ideas do you guys have that i could try?

Thanks a million

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Re: Clear roof vents

Post by A. Spruce » Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:18 pm

The only thing you have to be careful of if you stuff a hose down a roof vent is that you've got people inside watching the drains connected to that vent for backup, you don't want the problem to be downstream of a fixture and have the fixture back up and flood the room. Other than that, there is no reason not to try adding water down a vent stack. DO NOT force the hose down the vent, if it stops moving freely, don't try to force it any further, the hose end could become lodged in the pipe and then you'll have a whole new problem on your hands.

If you're certain that the vent is the issue and a hose doesn't resolve the problem, call a plumber to come out and power snake the vents, or at least scope them and the drain lines, to determine where the problem is.
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