Urgent Help! PEX Pipe cracked. How do I fix?

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Urgent Help! PEX Pipe cracked. How do I fix?

Post by hardsoftrock » Thu Jun 27, 2019 2:12 pm

I hear a hissing noise from behind the toilet. Upon closer inspection, and tearing out a portion of the sheetrock, I found the a portion of the PEX pipe has a hairline crack. It is directly below the fitting. The house is four years old. It's odd to me that this has happened.

But, nevertheless, more importantly than diagnosing why it happened, is fixing it, so I can turn my water back on. The pipe comes out of the slab, makes two 90s, and goes right back into it. It is in front of a toilet. Here is a picture. The green circle shows where it is leaking.


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Re: Urgent Help! PEX Pipe cracked. How do I fix?

Post by A. Spruce » Thu Jun 27, 2019 2:55 pm

The "why" is probably because that metal strap cut a hole in it. Movement over time rubbed through the pex. The fix is to cut or bend the metal strap away from the pipe so that it can't happen again.

As for the pipe, cutting out the damaged section and replacing it with new pex and Sharkbite fittings. SB fittings don't require crimping and are available in a variety of configurations. You'll probably have to go to a plumbing supply to find them, not sure the big boxes carry such things.
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Re: Urgent Help! PEX Pipe cracked. How do I fix?

Post by Aaron » Fri Jun 28, 2019 4:09 am

Could be the strap that damaged the tube, but it may also have been caused by some failure from the 90 degree elbow fitting. Perhaps both.

Sharkbite (trade name for push-fit connector fittings) are handy and reliable, but you need to check with your jurisdiction to see if it's allowed behind drywall.

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