Blotched wallpaper/spackle/sand/paint job

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Blotched wallpaper/spackle/sand/paint job

Post by cricket12 » Sat Jul 06, 2019 2:09 pm

Recently hired two painters to paint interior of my house. My kitchen is wallpapered and included was spackle seams, remove and spackle any lose areas, remove boarder/spackle if necessary, sand all areas/ kiltz and paint. I asked during the process and even the day before the kiltz and painting started. I noticed there were over spackled areas and various areas that showed seams that hadn't been spackled. I asked was that going to be sanded and the visible seam areas fixed before proceeding. The owner stated once the kiltz went on and the two coats of paint applied those areas would smooth and not show. Long story short, I have major over spackled areas showing though the kiltz and 2 coats of paint along with some areas where they obviously didn't take down all the boarder - are bubbling. While working on the area above my cabinets the guy the guy obviously put his elbow on the ceiling and there are 6 blackish looking spots on the ceiling. So angry and I just knew I wanted to get them out of my house when they were supposedly finished, I sent a text to the owner a few days later asking him to please explain what had happened to my wall. He responded with a text saying he guessed the paper had came lose from the wall. I sent a text back saying I had asked him about the over spackled areas - the seam areas that didn't have spackle and that he had said before he left that the kiltz and the paint when dry all that would lie flat. I asked didn't he recall saying that and that they weren't and that 3 friends had dropped by and even told me my wall was totally messed up. He didn't respond so my boyfriend sent him a text that he was at my house and expected him to advise when would he be here to look at my wall. The owner showed up and had every excuse for what happened. My friend told him the areas hadn't been properly sanded, in the same seam areas didn't have any spackle, showed him all the paint they had got on door facing, baseboard, top of cabinets, black spots on ceiling where his partner had put his elbow while working. Owner said he wasn't a dry wall guy and he didn't know what to do, he said I would have to get a dry wall guy to come fix it. He said I could buy some 'clear' and of course I was so mad I didn't get the rest of the product and put on the dark spots and it would take care of them. I asked him what about the paint they got on my cabinets, baseboards and frame work and he told me I should be able to get it off. The wall area beside the refrigerator has only one coat of paint. He turned walked out the door, got in his vehicle and left

I hope I didn't take too much time detailing this situation - anyway - I don't know what to do at this point. Do I contact a person who is highly skilled with wallpaper issues? Do I call dry wall? I don't know the first thing about who or what can be done at this point. A friend told me he is concerned that any type of correction with the spackling and seams at this point with the kiltz and paint over the problems is going to make an even larger problem. He said he is concerned all the paper will actually have to come down and the wall be fixed.

I am so upset and hate to think how much all this is going to cost me. Any one who can give me some idea what I may be facing, what my options may be and is this something that will be an easy or extremely difficult thing to correct. I have even thought about having the wall repapered if that is even possible.

I appreciate any info/input - thanks

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Re: Blotched wallpaper/spackle/sand/paint job

Post by A. Spruce » Sat Jul 06, 2019 2:30 pm

If you have a contractor governing authority, I would highly recommend that you file a grievance against this individual.

As you have figured out, any blemishes visible before paint will be highlighted when painted. The only fix now is to go back and fix all the problems, spot prime those areas with two coats and top coat with two coats. you may or may not need to recoat the entire wall for a seamless finish.

As for the ceiling, try a damp sponge or rag to remove them. If this doesn't work to your satisfaction, then repainting the ceiling will be in order as well.
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