chipped white melamine cabinet

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chipped white melamine cabinet

Post by IrishRob » Sat Jul 06, 2019 7:08 pm

i just finished redoing my kitchen. i was admiring all the new cabinets and countertops when i noticed some chips on my pantry cabinet. nothing big or deep and probably barely even noticeable, but now i know it is there so my eyes go right to it. they are white melamine cabinets. is there anything i can do to fix these chips? i heard a dab of caulking or even white out can just make everything blend together. thanks for any help.

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Re: chipped white melamine cabinet

Post by Aaron » Sat Jul 06, 2019 7:39 pm

Yeah short of refacing with new melamine, that is probably the best fix.

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Re: chipped white melamine cabinet

Post by Shannon » Sat Jul 06, 2019 7:43 pm

White Out will work or better yet is a product called Seam fill
It goes on and dries hard, comes in many different colours and you can mix colors to get different shades.
I have also found that a simple white wax fill stick (crayon) will hide edge chips from cutting very well.
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