AFCI Breakers vs. AFCI Receptacles

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AFCI Breakers vs. AFCI Receptacles

Post by npautler » Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:27 am

Is there one that is preferred over the other? Is one technically safer or more effective?

Adding some circuits to a GE panel. GE (atleast from my research) does not make a half-size (THQP) fault protected breaker (AFCI, GFCI, or Dual). So, to save space I was planning on running my two kitchen counter circuits using half-size (THQP120) breakers and then using a dual function receptacle. I can do this with my living room circuit as well (15amp though).

Is there a down side to a half-size breaker? Are they just as trustworthy, safe, last just as long?

Just curious if there is any downside to my plan.

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Re: AFCI Breakers vs. AFCI Receptacles

Post by Aaron » Wed Oct 09, 2019 12:43 am

Use the breaker, if possible. If you use the receptacle, then you need to use metal-clad or metal conduit to that first receptacle from the panel so that first run of cable is protected. So you may as well just use the AFCI breaker from the source.

No issues with tandem breakers, they're every bit as reliable and operable as regular full-size breakers. You just need to be aware that they split a leg in the panel.

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