Laying laminate flooring - floor vent and underlayment Qs

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Laying laminate flooring - floor vent and underlayment Qs

Post by cymru3 » Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:23 pm

We are in the process of redecorating our master bedroom. Currently there is old carpet in the closet (which we are opening up) and thin laminate in the main part of the room. We are planning on taking the carpet and laminate up before installing new laminate throughout the whole room.

Two questions. We took a look under the current laminate and found floorboards. No underlayment. The yellow stuff on the right is the carpet underlayment. Picture: What kind of underlayment should we be looking for? It's on the second floor and we're trying to keep it as thin as possible as the laminate floor we like is 12mm thick. From what I understand we need something specific in terms of the moisture barrier so as not to destroys the floorboards underneath? Google hasn't been all that helpful. Maybe I'm not searching for the right keywords.

Second question is there is currently a vent in the floor. Picture: We have baseboard heaters throughout, so I'm pretty sure the vent was just to get heat brought up from the room below, where there is a wood-burning stove. It looks closed off and there is no vent on the other side (the ceiling of the room below). Could we just remove the vent before putting the new flooring down? Anything we need to be aware of before doing it? Best way to remove it?

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Re: Laying laminate flooring - floor vent and underlayment Qs

Post by Shannon » Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:47 am

Ok so first off with laminate flooring a moisture barrier is not required unless you are placing it over concrete. So in your case you do not need that. Most laminate floorings do require a "underpad" usually it is a very thin foam that is rolled out under the flooring and it helps cushion and deaden sound when walking on the floor. Some can be used as the moisture barrier as well I believe. Some high end laminates have this product or cork attached to every piece of flooring right out of the box. Your flooring supplier should be able to help you with determining your needs based on the flooring you purchased. Laminate flooring is kind of disappearing in my area in favour of the better Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) type floors. They are superior in quality and longtivity although the thicker laminates are pretty good as well when used above grade like you are doing.
For the vent hole you have I would fill that in with some plywood and then install your flooring. Use a couple of 2x4 s longer then the hole placed up under the floor and screw through the flooring into the ends of the 2x4s to hold them in place. Then you can cut a piece of plywood to fill the void and screw it in place as well.
Good luck with your project
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