Old nails in wood siding

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Old nails in wood siding

Post by thewallrus » Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:31 pm

I'm about to paint the house and am cleaning up the siding a bit before I do. Probably 30 years ago they nailed all the siding with large round head roofing nails (it appears). A lot of these nails are protruding out, and while I can reseat most of them with a hammer, a lot just won't grab anymore.

Can remove a bunch of these nails and re-nail the siding with a large nailer, 16 gauge? I'll putting wood filler in all existing and new holes any way, so figure I can fill in the divots too...

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Re: Old nails in wood siding

Post by A. Spruce » Tue Aug 08, 2017 2:22 pm

Yes, you can pull old nails and install new. If you want to reuse the old holes, go one size larger on the nail and at least 1/2" longer, if you go with new nail locations, an 8d nail will suffice. Word of caution, when nailing around known wire locations, try to stay away from the wires, for instance, outlets run 12" to 16" from the floor, keep nails out of this area because you run the very real risk of putting a nail through a wire, and that is a headache you just don't want to get into.
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