Question on AquaPex (Wisbro) vs SuperPex

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Question on AquaPex (Wisbro) vs SuperPex

Post by AntonWalker » Sat Nov 11, 2017 12:32 pm

I am accustomed to the use of SuperPex and I love it but when I saw some Shannon's video on Wisbro AquaPex (and I have seen it in newly built houses here in Winnipeg) I wanted to know which is better and why would someone choose one over the other?

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Re: Question on AquaPex (Wisbro) vs SuperPex

Post by Shannon » Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:04 pm

Personally I like the speed of the crimp ring systems like the Superpex would use but what I do not like is pretty well any manifold set up I have seen without Stainless Steel crimps or clamps is a mess with calcium build up and rusty rings from very very very minor leaks over time on some of the connections. With the plastic shrink rings it takes a little longer to make each connection but I have yet to see barely any with that calcium kinda dried up mess on the connections. The other draw back to shrink rings is the tool cost compared to the crimper.
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Re: Question on AquaPex (Wisbro) vs SuperPex

Post by Aaron » Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:44 pm

I've never heard of SuperPex. What type is it: PEX-a, -b, or -c? It may be its own proprietary type, in which case you may have to use proprietary tools and procedures with it.

All the systems seem to have proprietary connectors, so you sort of have to pick the one you like the best. The Wirsbo/Uponor system impresses the hell out of me. It seems the most failsafe, especially if you use the plastic manifolds or fittings. There can be no mineral buildup because there is no electrolysis with plasic. And it's the joint system I'd feel most comfortable with hiding behind drywall.

There's some debate whether chlorine in municipal water supplies could have any chemical reaction with plastic tubing, however--leeching petroleum-based toxins. It's hard to imagine it would have long term harm for water consumption, but as with anything time will tell. I'm very skeptical, though.

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