ADA replacing a polythene barrier

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ADA replacing a polythene barrier

Post by rosacer » Sat Sep 07, 2019 6:18 am

I found this article from 'nrcan' about the way to insulate basement walls etc .
But in my area when I ask constructors and handymen there is a big debate about using or not a polythene vapor barrier since my the basement was finished (before flooded, yikes) with all the structure wall's on. I needed to insulate anyway, the house is 1975 with half of the walls 'insulated' with this withe useless boards as insulation. The basement was completely finished with ceiling and all. ... 1565140098

As I can understand they say you don't use a polythene barrier in some cases (section 6.2.4 which is my case) but a kind of vapor barrier paint, etc.

I have a HVAC system with one return on one wall in the basement and through the basement's ceiling to the air handler.

I'm spraying the sill plate with polyurethane foam, installing 1 inch polystyrene boards on the basement walls, rockwool R14 in the wall's cavities, the electrical boxes plastic barriers, 1/2 gypsum boards mold resistant (I bought those by mistake LOL) and then this vapor barrier primer sealant (B Moore K573).

Has somebody used this method? Seems scary not to have a polythene barrier when everyone talks about the polythene on the back of the gypsum boards.

Has anyone used this method?
I'm following the ADA the method the most I can. I haven't find somebody able to tell me the requirements here (Montreal) if any different.

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Re: ADA replacing a polythene barrier

Post by Shannon » Sat Sep 07, 2019 8:07 am

What thickness and R value is the rigid foam you are using?
Have you contacted your local building code/permit office with your questions?
Have you applied for a permit yet?
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