Roof Rafter Framing

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Roof Rafter Framing

Post by MrFixIt1977 » Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:28 am

I'm building an add-on 8x16 mudrood/entryway with a shed-style 4/12 pitch roof abutted to the existing exterior wall. Cement piers are in, floor and walls are up. Next step is to frame the roof. The existing house is 1.5 story, balloon-style framing, that had been lifted and a cement foundation poured by a previous owner. The combination of 70 years, balloon-style framing, and lifting has made the walls quite crooked.
Do you have any hints or tricks to help me in cutting the rafters? I'm guessing that each rafter will have to be individually measured and cut depending on distance to the existing wall, and any variations hidden by the drywalling and siding. Should I set my HAP to the longest rafter and undercut the seat length, or set to the shortest rafter length and overcut? Or am I going about this wrong? Maybe the peak height at the ledgerboard should vary?

Or maybe I'm in over my head. :/


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Re: Roof Rafter Framing

Post by Shannon » Mon Oct 07, 2019 7:07 am

That is a good question. I would say set to your longest rafter and adjust the seat. Your better to have the seat cut shallower then for it to get too deep and weaken the rafter.If the two ends of the walls are about the same I would set my two end rafters and then attach string line to the ends at the top or bottom so that you have a guild for length and height of the ends all the rest
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