Framing Bi-level basement

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Framing Bi-level basement

Post by akifle » Thu Nov 07, 2019 11:40 pm

I am wondering about how to start framing a bi-level walls in my basement and do I need to lay the vapor barrier like what Shannon has done in a video before starting my framing. I live in Canada's coldest provinces and have not seen the whole vapor barrier before framing deal before and just curious on how to keep the knee walls straight for the final work

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Re: Framing Bi-level basement

Post by Shannon » Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:40 am

Yes you need to have the "moisture barrier" on bi-level basement walls just like any other basement wall that has concrete below ground level.
So first off you need to decide which product you want to use for the moisture barrier. Basically you have 3 options , I will list them from what I consider best to worst choices ,rigid foam sheets, house wrap, 6Mil. poly .

The reason I consider rigid foam the best option is that it also gives you a better insulated wall because it helps to prevent convection of cold into the wall cavity.In your case with a Bilevel you would only need the foam against the concrete knee wall and across the top ledge of the knee wall as well. After that is properly installed and sealed you can frame the wood wall infront of it. This would be a 2x4 framed wall at the minimum.That wall in a bilevel is usually just framed up to a height about 4" above the foam that was placed over the top of the knee wall and then you brace it back to the wood above grade wall of the basement using a wood block every 2' or so . This creates a solid bottom wall and upper ledge/shelf. The ledge area as well as that lower and upper walls can then be insulated with batt insulation. After that an air/vapour barrier is installed on the entire wall and ledge surface and drywall can be installed over that.
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