Many winterizing questions

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Many winterizing questions

Post by BikerBandit » Thu Nov 21, 2019 11:02 pm

Since I just bought this house 3 or 4 months ago, this is my first winter experience with it, but I am just learning everything now. I found at least one thing to look into that I havent found in any of the checklists I've seen so I figure there are probably lots more and could really use the ideas.

-Done so far-

1. Plastic wrap windows that have drafts
2. Put "Double Draft Seals" under the doors
3. Replaced furnace filter (The high allergen and mold one)
4. Reversed ceiling fans

-To Do-
1. Foam the pipes downstairs
2. Upgrade thermostat
3. Insulate switched/outlets
4. New weather strip for doors
5. Put up insulated curtains (once I hang the rods)
6. Install dryer vent shield

For a fireplace insert to direct the heat inside, is there a type that wont cost me hundreds of dollars?

Also, theres a vent towards the top of the furnace. Is that the cold air return? Because it is barely cracked open and I cant get it to open any further. If it has to be open I will pull it off and investigate.

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Re: Many winterizing questions

Post by Shannon » Fri Nov 22, 2019 6:51 am

Looks like you have things covered . This must be an older home thats pretty original?
If the basement is heated you should not need foam wrap on pipes , if its not then it may be needed. If you have water pipes close to the exterior or need large drafts down there you may even need a heat tape wrapped around them of insulation between them and the draft or cold wall.
Insulated curtains is a bit of a stretch but i guess if windows are really that cold it will help.
Fire place inserts can be costly especially if you are going to a gas one since you need a gas line over there. in the long run that unit will take less dollars/energy to run then electric.
I would need a picture of the furnace and vent to tell what it may be.
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