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How To Finish Drywall Joints

I have decided to make two videos to show the steps and procedures for taping and applying drywall compound on the joints.

Mudding and taping drywall is not what I would consider a beginner project it can become a big job if you have not had much to do with it before. Starting with a small project is probably a good idea and see if you are up for a larger challenge after that.

TIP: As you will hear me say in the video, 4-5 thinner coats of mud as apposed to 2-3 heavy coats will give you a much better job and probably cut your sanding job in half.

I did not touch on sanding the final project much at all in the videos but the main points on sanding are to use a good light to help you see the imperfections, wear a dust mask for sure, do not sand to much or you will need to touch up with mud again.

And finally, use a shop vac with a good filter and bag to clean up. Using your house vacuum will lead to burning out the motor as the drywall dust is so fine that it goes right through the filter and into the motor which in turn will cause it to overheat.

I’m sure you will find these two drywall videos helpful for your next drywall project.
Skill level :8/12

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