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Video: How To Grout Wall Tiles

Grouting tile is the finishing step in any tiling job and makes it look complete.

Grouting tile whether it is wall tile or floor tile is essentially the same basic procedure and two of the most important things to know are that you must only grout properly installed tiles and do not use to much water during mixing or clean up. Not applying more than you can clean at one time is also important. If you are planning on doing a really large project I would suggest to have someone help you out.

In my video you will see that I was using a urethane based grout (QUARTZ LOCK). I like this product because it has a great staining and crack resistance. Most powdered grouts when properly mixed and sealed after installation will work fine as well.

So if you are thinking of trying a tiling job check out my grouting video first to help you with picking out the proper materials and tools for the job.

Skill level: 4/12

Keywords: tile grout wall floor tiles sanded urethane quartz lock