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How To Install A Dishwasher

So it seems that the old inefficient dishwasher has finally had it and it is time to replace it. Well this should not be a huge project. Within 1 - 2 hours, your new unit should be up and going. If you are shopping for a dishwasher, check out our article on buying a dishwasher.

Difficulty Level: 6 out of 12

Tools Required

Materials Required:

Dishwasher install

Once you have removed the old unit and unpacked the new one, position it on its back and install the water supply line to the bottom of the new dishwasher. You may get away with using the old lines , but I recommend starting fresh with a new supply hose. Now that you have the water line attached to the new dishwasher, you can put the machine back onto its feet, and position it about 2 feet out in front of the opening in your cupboards where it will sit. The new machine should have come with a new drain hose so you need to attach it to the machine now. Pull the electrical wire that you unhooked from the old washer out and stretch it under the new dishwasher, then take the drain and water lines and feed them into the dishwasher space and through the cabinet where the drain and water supply are.

TIP: You will probably have to start sliding the dishwasher into the cabinet space to make these lines reach.

Once the drain and water lines are into hook up location and electrical wire is slid under new washer toward the front right hand corner then you can slide dishwasher right into the space that it goes. Hook up the drain and water supply lines then the electrical.

TIP: Remember to turn the power off at the breaker panel for the dishwasher before doing the electrical hook up. Hook up black wires to black, white wires to white and green wire to the bare copper ground wire. I would recommend to have an electrician do this if you are at all hesitant about doing this.

There should be two mounting brackets on the front top edge of the dishwasher just under the countertop . These get mounted with screws to the bottom of the counter. Turn on the water supply and check for leaks. Turn on the power and run the dishwasher through a rinse cycle and check for leaks. Once any leaks are fixed, install the kick panel on the dishwasher and you are done.

Sometimes plumbing and or electrical may not be correct, so you may need a plumber or electrician to set things up for you to get started.

UPDATE: After posting this dishwasher installation article, we have shot a video on the process, to complement the article. It is embedded below: