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How To Install Vinyl Flooring

Installing vinyl flooring is not as difficult as one might think, although it does require proper measurements and cuts, as once cut it is not usually easy to repair.

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Vinyl Flooring Installation Steps

Make sure that your sub flooring is smooth, solid and clean. Now I usually skim coat it with a self-leveling quick drying floor leveling compound suitable for the type of subfloor product you are going over top of and let it dry fully. If you have another room or garage large enough to roll the new flooring out in take it there and roll it out so you have room to cut it down closer to the size you need. Then take measurements of the room you are going to cover and add 1" to all of them and mark them out onto the new flooring.

TIP: I use painters masking tape on the new flooring to mark my cut lines as it easy to remove if I need to change a measurement before cutting. Some people will mark there measurements on the back of the new flooring but I find that rolling the flooring over and doing this can lead to marking and cutting the flooring wrong.

Once you have everything marked out and double checked, you can then cut the flooring with a flooring knife or a standard utility knife. After it is all cut roll the piece up that you want and move it to the room you are flooring and roll it back out the way you want it. Now because it was slightly bigger than the room, you can trim it down to the room size and shape.

Now that it is cut to size roll one end back over the other until about half of the subfloor is exposed again.This is the subflooring that you will start out gluing.So grab your notched trowel and use it to spread out a layer of adhesive onto the subfloor,Once it is spread slowly roll the flooring back onto the adhesive you spread and use your hand to help smooth and spread the vinyl out without trapping air bubbles under the vinyl.You can now roll back the other end and repeat the procedure to that half of the room.You need to work fairly quickly once the adhesive is spread to keep it from drying before you get the flooring pressed into it.After the flooring is all laid down use a large flooring roller to roll the flooring firmly into the adhesive.

TIP: Your local rental shop will usually have a roller available

vinyl floor roller

Heavy foot traffic is not usually recommended for 12 hours or so, it should tell you on the adhesive container. After the flooring has sat and dried, you can re-install any baseboard that you removed before .And your room is done.

Sorry the photo is a bit blurry!
Vinyl Flooring Finished