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This miscellaneous category is where we put articles that don't belong in any of the other categories. We don't really add new articles, so if you want to find more informational posts, see our forums. That's also where you can ask a question directly.

DIY Shed Building How To Build A Shed DIY
We have a complete video series on building a shed from start to finish...
n/a Comparison Of Common Roofing Materials
The most common roofing materials used will vary from place to place but in North America I would say that they are the following...
n/a Keeping A Clean, Organized Work Space
Big or small one of the biggest challenges of keeping your reno project on time and budget is having a plan and a organized work space that is safe.
n/a How To Insulate An Attached Garage
Insulating an attached garage has some special considerations that you must address differently then a unattached garage. The most important issue is that attached garages must have a system in place, to keep carbon monoxide (CO2) from a running vehicle inside the garage, from filtering through the walls and ceiling into the house.
n/a DIY New Home Construction
So you think you want to take on building your own home as a ! Or at the very least you want to act as your own general contractor and as well do what you are comfortable with tackling yourself. Well this can be a very rewarding but also risky undertaking.
Top 10 home improvements Top Ten Home Renovations that will increase the value of your home
In the global market we live in today, everyone is looking for the best way to add value and freshness to their home without throwing our valuable take-home pay away. The following is a list of some of the top 10 improvements you can make as a DIY home owner and not break the bank doing it.
Tool kit DIY Tools You Need For Your DIY Tool Box
Over the years I have done work for many first time home owners or renters. The one main thing that sticks out in my mind as a common similarity between a lot of these people is the lack of some basic tools for minor everyday home repairs or projects. I would refer to this as your "D.I.Y. toolbox".
 How To Install A Window
Installing a new window into an existing opening can be done in as little as one hour or as long as perhaps four hours depending on a few things like correct sizing of the window to the existing opening, size and weight of the window, and accessibility to the area where the window is needed...
 Home Inspections
In my opinion residential home inspections can really help a person in the purchase of a new home. A home inspection can give you some insight into any current or future questions or problems that this new property my have. For a the relatively small cost of having a home inspection it could save you...
 Home Inspection Checklist
Use this handy home inspection checklist to summarize the main points from the home inspection report provided to you by the home inspector. This helps you put everything on one easy to read sheet....
Suspended Ceiling How to install a suspended ceiling
The benefits of installing a suspended ceiling system yourself instead of hiring someone to drywall and finish that same ceiling are: suspended ceiling installation is a much less messy process; if you install it yourself it can be cheaper than hiring a professional to drywall; if there is a lot of plumbing up in the...
suspended ceiling grid planning Planning out a suspended ceiling grid layout
A little time spent planning out your suspended ceiling grid layout will really help you as a installation blue print and in ordering material.

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