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Video: Basic Wall Framing Tips & Techniques

Tools Required: Tape measure, carpenters square, circular saw, hammer drill, framing nailer or cordless drill

Skill Level: 6/12

As you can see in my video for wall framing, with a few simple tools and some basic knowledge framing your basement could be handled by allot of DIY home owners. I was using a "Paslode" cordless framing nailer but any framing nailer,cordless drill or good old hammer and nails would work fine. I prefer my "Paslode" because it is quick and easy.

One of the most important things to get right is marking out the stud locations properly on 16" or 24" centers. If this is incorrect installing your insulation and hanging your drywall will be much more difficult! Having someone help you with this project will also help a lot. Good luck!

Thanks for watching!