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Drywall sanding video Sanding Drywall
This video is a great compliment to our other two drywall finishing videos. Sanding the drywall compound/plaster is the final step before painting the new walls.
Insulate Vapor Barrier Video Installing Fiberglass Insulation & Vapor Barrier
The insulation creates a warmer home ( R value) while the vapor barrier controls air leakage (drafty walls) and stops moist air from inside the home from entering the wall cavity and possibly creating mould and other moisture problems inside the wall.
Electrical Rough-In Video Electrical Rough-in Video
Doing the electrical rough-in is not physically difficult but it can be time consuming. It also requires some knowledge of electrical codes and specs. If you do not have some electrical knowledge, I would recommend having an electrician show you what to run and where.
wall framing techniques Basic Wall Framing Info
With a few simple tools and some basic knowledge framing your basement could be handled by allot of DIY home owners.
basement moisture barrier Basement Moisture Barrier Installation
Installing a moisture barrier against the inside of a concrete basement wall before framing and insulating the interior walls is very important. This barrier helps to keep moisture like small leaks or condensation from soaking the insulation and framing materials.
Refridgerator water line installation video Fridge Water Line Installation Video
Installing a water line to your refridgerator for the ice maker is not a hard job but it may take 1-2 hours depending on the distance you need to run the line. These simple kits can be purchased at any hardware store
Install pot light video How to install a pot light and switch
Hooking up the electrical wiring to a pot light and switch in your home can be a daunting job and also hazardous if you do not work safely. Always be sure to turn off the breaker in your electrical box which supplies the electrical circuit you will be dealing before you start...
Install an electrical receptacle video How to install an electrical receptacle
Installing or changing a electrical receptacle (plug-in) in your home is something most home owners will find themselves wanting to do at some point in their lifetime. This is not that difficult of a task but you must always do it in a safe manner, because electrocution is possible if you do not. Turning off...
Change water heater anode rod video How To Change Your Water Heater Anode Rod
Changing your water heater anode rod every 2 years is said to extend the life of your water heater up to double. So I believe that the 20 minutes to do it and about $30 dollars for the new rod is well worth it! The reason for this video is to show you just how...
Install wall tile video How To Install Wall Tiles
Laying tile can range from a straightforward layout to very complex with different patterns inlaid into the design. I have created a video to explain the basic tools and materials needed to perform a rather simple wall tiling project. In the video you will see me install 3x6 and 6x6 inch white porcelain tiles around...
Grout wall tile video How To Grout Wall Tiles
Grouting tile is the finishing step in any tiling job and makes it look complete. Grouting tile whether it is wall tile or floor tile is essentially the same basic procedure and two of the most important things to know are that you must only grout properly installed tiles and do not use to much...
Mud and tape drywall video How To Finish Drywall Joints
I have decided to make two videos to show the steps and procedures for taping and applying drywall compound on the joints. The reason for the videos is that I think it will be easier to show you how to mud and tape drywall, than tell you in an article. I tried to cover everything such...