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Keeping a Clean, Organized Work Space

Big or small one of the biggest challenges of keeping your reno project on time and budget is having a plan and a organized work space that is safe.

The Plan

Many D.I.Y.ers start into their projects with little more than an idea and maybe some quick scribbles on a note pad. This is a sure recipe for a blown budget and timeline. Of course you need the idea to get started, but from that you need to develop a plan and put it down in detail on paper. Let's use a bedroom makeover for example.

You need to decide just exactly what you are wanting to do first of all. Come up with a design and sketch it out on some graph paper using actual measurements so it is somewhat to scale.

Are you knocking out walls? Can you knock out walls? What hidden dangers are there if I do knock out that wall like structurally, electrical, plumbing, ducting. etc. A lot of people just start knocking walls apart without thinking first and before they know it they are in over their heads. Maybe you are just patching some rough spots in the existing drywall and giving the walls and ceiling a fresh coat of paint.

After that you will install new flooring… what kind of flooring? Tile, hardwood, laminate, cork, engineered hardwood, berber carpet, shag carpet, sheet vinyl? There is a dizzying array of flooring choices out there with just as dizzying price ranges. Now the flooring is picked out ,what about baseboards, window and door trim? The choices and prices are just as crazy for this. Are you seeing where I'm going with this? Get a plan in place so that you can decide on some choices and develop a budget.

Keep Organized

So now that you have a plan you can start to organize the job. Start a list of the materials you will need and even the quantities. Some things may need to be ordered and will need some time to get to you. This is where most projects start going down hill. Materials that are ordered in do not always show up on time and that means delays so the sooner you can get it there ahead of time the better. If you are hiring some of the work out to contractors, delays in materials can mean other parts of the job being delayed and those contractors may not be able to come back when you are finally ready. Remember they are trying to keep their schedule for many jobs running smoothly as well.

There are always trips to the supply store for things, nobody can get everything every time. Keep a running list of supplies and tools needed each day in your pocket as an easy reference tool to help and keep these trips to a minimum.

Cleanliness Equals Safety

A clean and tidy work area is more efficient and safer to work and live in. If you keep tools, materials, and garbage straight and tidy there is less chance of tripping, falling, twisting your ankle, or hurting you or someone around you. Keep all of those plastic five gallon buckets from products you have bought in the past, they work great for hauling garbage, debris, water, and tools around, mixing mortar, organizing anything that will fit in them and of course sitting on when you need a break. I know a lot of D.I.Y.ers are living in their homes while they are going through renovations and safety for not only you and your family members but also pets and neighbours should be a must.

I know some of this sounds like a lot of work but trust me it pays off in the end and can even save you some time and cost as well. So before your next big project sit down with a cold drink , pencil and a pad of paper and take a little time to get things figured out first.

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